Live Your Life By Quran

Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Palestine

LYLBQ is the abbreviation for Live Your Life By Quran. Factually, to blog about religion is not a good idea.

The searches for religion has a very low margin as against the searches for money. See chart below :


Despite the unpopularity of religion, I started this blog for two reasons:

  1. I love to read and understand the Quran
  2. I love Prophet Muhammad ( Read why I love Prophet Muhammad)

To my surprise people are searching for Islam as compared to other religions as shown from the chart below :


But what can be the reason for more searches on Islam? Are the searches in relation to the media tying up Islam with terrorism?

The next chart shows very clearly-that isn’t the reason :


The searches were for other information about Islam. Unlikely to learn the Quran because the Quran is in Arabic language and translations are not so user-friendly. Therefore, the search result for Quran lie in the abyss of the chart below:


The Vedas has the same fate because of language barrier. The bible is very popular in searches. English is the top online language and 3rd most spoken language in the world.

Live Your Life By Quran

The Quran, therefore, is poorly exposed to mankind.

Decades from now Muslims will outnumber the world’s Christians according to Pew Research Centre. There are over a billion Muslims in the world right now. So who is searching about Islam? What are they searching for?

The worry about death is not to think about Day of Judgement. It is to sustain this life and stay healthy.


Searches for career soars. Judgement Day shows almost a flatliner:


Searches for job matches with career:


The majority seems less concern of the hereafter as against job search.

If you believe in the Quran two things you must do to reap the benefit of the message:

  1. You must make effort to read and understand the Quran. ( subscribe to my blog for a latest post into your inbox)
  2. You must follow the Commandments of God. ( Read to believe is a sin)

The Quran is sent to mankind. It makes you to find peace and prosperity in this world. It is the book that brings you to heaven smoothly.

Live Your Life By Quran

The key to heaven is the Quran. You must conditioned yourself to get this key. Practice the following 7 steps.( chapt 2):

  1. Be conscious of God
  2. Believe in the Unseen
  3. Perform prayer
  4. Spend ( Read how much to give charity)
  5. Believe in the Quran
  6. Believe in the Scriptures before Quran
  7. Be certain of the Hereafter

Be consistent in your steps daily. Take a snapshot of these steps and keep it in your mobile phone for reference. As promised in the 2:2

These are the ones guided by their Lord, and these are the successful ones.

Live Your Life By Quran

I am like you. I am not a teacher. I do not claim I know everything. I am not a leader. I am only showing you the Quran. The words of God that you have inadvertently fail to know.

Live your life by Quran only shows you the Quran. It will throw a further light to its meanings. The tips to enter heaven smoothly are not from me but from the Quran.

If you have been taking this Message so lightly make effort to reflect now before it is too late.

And do not take anyone as masters other than Allah. Place His word infront. For it will lead you to heaven.