Why You Have To Live Your Life By The Quran

Why do you need to live your life by the Quran? But, before that let me give my opinion here.

I am a Muslim. I live in Singapore. It is one of the richest country in the world! I have a decent full-time job.I have a family. And I’m contended with life. (All Praise Be to Allah). However, I have this doubt whether I’ll make through Heaven.

You might think that I’m insane as there is only one life. This is it. But, what if there is a hereafter- the Promised heavenly life by God?

I need to search for more. Search for the Truth.

Why you have to live your life by the Qura

Before you answer this I’ll tell my reasons.

Admiration of the sky

The thirst for knowledge began when i was a child at the age of nine. I admired the painted sky  whenever i was alone. I pondered about the moon. The stars in the sky. The imminent question that comes to my mind is this – why the moon and the stars magically suspended in the sky? I threw a ball high up it comes down. But, the moon and star did not crash on us!

The science teacher had explained to me about the gravity of earth. So the further an object is away from the earth gravitational pull, those objects will not come down. The teacher has all the answers!

Love for Prophet

Who is the greatest man on earth? My mother said that it was Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s Peace and Blessing Be Upon him). I asked my mother- ‘So then why you didn’t name me as Muhammad Gazzali -and just Gazzali?’

With a smile she said ‘ your late father Maidin chose a unique name for you, my son’ My father passed away when i was a year old. 

Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon him) is the greatest man on earth. So to appease myself, i wrote his name( Muhammad) on my left arm in English every single day!

As I grew older, I tried to join with many Islamic teachers on Islam. However, I could not sustain my affiliations with them. I frequently went to the nearby library to search for Islamic knowledge and mixed with friends who are pious.

Somehow in my life there was always a hidden force protecting me from greater sin. I am not saying i have not done any mistake. It is just that i have asked forgiveness (Taubah) from Allah (The Most Glorious). All praise to Allah who has forgiven me and protected me from repeating the sin.

Why live your life by the Quran

However, even at the age of 55 i feel there is something missing in my life.

The doctors will diagnose me as a depressed person. In a way they are right. I still expect something and i do not know exactly what it is. I am not in complete peace.

There is something lacking in my life. I tried Personal development . Gurus emphasized to me on setting up a goal and reaching it. But  some ‘force’ is controlling my life. There is an invisible force that is pushing me to somewhere special.

Writing gives me peace

My first e-book on Jinn improved my spirituality( I have published this book in another site). And I am on with my next book on Islam

Writing books and periodicals on Islam give me joy. I feel peacful. It is purely interest and passion. It is a quest for knowledge on how to attain Heaven. That is where we all belong to.

13:28 ‘The ones who have believed, and their hearts are relieved by the remembrance of God; for in the remembrance of God the hearts are relieved’

How truthful this statement is. The things that you love to do will be the best thing that you think will give you happiness or peace. However, after a while everything that you think is best becomes a chore for you. Your heart never stays satisfied if you repeat those things that you think it was best for you in the beginning. I am very sincere here.

In my younger days, I loved to paint pictures of nature and try to copycat the portrait of ‘Mona Lisa’ and many other famous artist works. Now, even if I take it up again I don’t feel happy doing that anymore.

Now, only when I sit for a chat with my righteous friends about Islam I can sustain that peace. Especially so when I recite the Quran with understanding. When I tried to carry on with it continuously. The logical thing to do is to follow what you read. As much as you can.

This is my reason- what’s yours

This is the main reason why i started this blog: why you have to live by the Quran? It is like more of a diary of what is happening to me in my life pages in relation with my Lord, Allah (The Most Glorious). As i write i begin to learn.

I feel I am more on the right path that will lead me to heaven

Join me for a walk on this path to heaven.


Do you want to live your life by the Quran?

20:123 ‘…and he who follows MY Guidance will not go astray, and neither will he be unhappy

God replied to Iblees who disobeyed His command to bow down to Adam (May Allah Peace Be With him). Iblees was jealous of our creation. Iblees was chased out of the blessing of God as ‘ he refused and became arrogant’.

Then when Iblees disobeyed God said: ‘Exit from here, you are cast out’

 The phrase ‘cast out’ has an implication. 

You bought a ticket for a good movie and you are in the theater. Suddenly, the ticket inspector approached you. He gestured to show him your ticket. You are searching everywhere. However, you could not find your ticket. The next instance, you are thrown out of the cinema. How will you feel?

You will feel a little hurt but you still can buy another ticket and see the show.

When God cast you out of His care and dominion, you are doomed. You got no hope. It is better to become non-existent than being in existence without His Mercy! That was how foolishly Iblees fell.

The Most Merciful

And that curse will be carried until the Day of Judgment.

Iblees asked ‘My Lord, respite me until the Day they are resurrected’

God said:‘ You are given respite.’

Thereafter Iblees showed his foolishness again by saying that:

‘O my Lord! Because you misled me, i shall indeed adorn the path of error for them (mankind) on the earth, and i shall mislead them all’

God has made a decision to bring down Adam and Eve to the new-arldi (earth) because they have approached the tree in the higher arldi. This new earth (arldi) is a temporary abode for Adam and Eve and for Iblees.

Iblees said he will beautify Adam and Eve errors and will mislead all of Adam’s progeny including you and me! So that we are all doomed to hellfire. Iblees earnestly hope to prove God is wrong in creating Adam (May God’s Peace Be With him).

Quran is the Guidance

What was God’s antidote for this vicious serpent- iblees?

God says 20:123 ‘…and he who follows MY Guidance will not go astray, and neither will he be unhappy

This is God system for mankind to return to Jannah or Paradise.  You may ask what is God’s Guidance: Undoubtedly the Al- Quran. Live your life by Quran!

Until now Iblees is misleading you and me unless we stop our search and practice for other things other than the Al- Quran. Search for God’s Words in the Quran.

Just follow the Quran.

Live your life by the Quran

Do you wish to live your life by the Quran?

It is illogical for you to believe in the Quran and neglecting it. Even if you have forgetfully neglected the Quran, you are not free from blame. This is due to the entrapment of the Iblees which he had promised to God. Iblees will beautify or adorn your path of error (what ever that you’re following now other than what was given in the Quran) and when you walk on that path – you will be finally  misled to Jahannam. Iblees won!

If you belief in someone, you will surely listen and follow what they say. You know they will not mislead you, trick you or spoil your life. If you believe that the good and bad comes from God, surely you will obey what He has to say in the Quran.

Why then you don’t wish to live your life by the Quran? If you follow other than God’s Guidance, you are carrying out a mistake which does not bring you to Promised heaven.

The very thing you are doing right now-stop and think. Are you doing it because God said so in the Quran or someone had told you that he has the way to Jannah? Think and think again my dearest brothers and sisters.

The Straight Path

The straight path drawn out by God is the shortest path length.

Why in our prayers or salat we ask “show us the straight path”? It is because God does not like to lay any burden that you cannot carry. We are living in a limited time. When your time arrives to meet Him, it will be too late. It is here you have to live your life by the Quran. Not in the hereafter.

Work Smart

Now is your chance to change. Do you wish to go to heaven as easily as possible?

Then search and read the Quran with understanding.

There are no excuses for you to still think you need some ‘guru’ or ‘awliyah‘ to teach you the way. Even the Prophet needed God’s help.

10:49 Say (O Prophet) ‘ I do not possess for myself any harm or benefit except what God wills’

in 18:17 God says ‘ Whoever God guides is the guided one, and whoever He misguides, you will not find for him any ally to give direction’

Your consciousness of God will bring you closer to the Creator. It is your personal responsibility to search for the truth that is God and His Guidance.

The Guidance is the Quran.

Do not waste your limited time following the created. In the ‘eyes’ of God every man is like a tooth of a comb. Meaning all equal. The only people God accepts to Heaven or Jannah are those who are conscious about Him.

Are you convinced now to live your life by the Quran?
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