Misunderstood story on the creation of Adam

Do you know the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam?

The story on the creation of Adam is but a popular one. It is narrated because God wants to expose what really happened. Let us explore this misunderstood story on the creation of Adam from the context of the Quran.

Misunderstood story on the creation of Adam

There is a sentence in Sura Al Baqara which makes every God conscious people to ponder. It was my  favorite too!

By this statement you can write on the love of God for mankind for thousand of volumes!

God defended our creation. If God had listened to the angels we would have stayed as non-existent. We would not have experienced life! :(

This is the key factor in the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam.

What God said about our creation

Innee aAAlamu Ma la taAAlamoona -2:30

Verily i know which you do not know”

God knows everything. God is the creator. But why the angels raised objection to the creation of Adam? Did they too misunderstood the story on the creation of Adam?

Many translators of the Al Quran, somehow portray ‘this opposition’ as ‘holy’. As the angels are from the high, they knew the ‘other side of man’. Therefore, they suggested this to God to see the ‘other side of man’ as compared to their pure side – that is their total glorification of God.

Secondly, God did not seek the angels’ in the creation of man. This is another point to note on the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam.

He only informed them that Adam will be created. Despite their high status, the angels were in no position to participate in God’s decision. No one has the authority to influence God’s Will.

Opposing angels

Then why angels objected to the creation of Adam?

Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessing of Allah be with him) spoke about this incident in the Quran. 

Was Prophet Muhammad given the knowledge of the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam?

In 38:69

No knowledge have I of the Chiefs on high, when they discuss(matters)among themselves’

I had no knowledge of the exalted chiefs when they contended’

I had no knowledge of the Highest Chiefs when they disputed’

I had no knowledge of the chiefs (angels) on high when they were disputing and discussing (about the creation of Adam)’

I had no knowledge of the command up high, that they had quarreled’

Hence, there was some deliberation made in that higher plane on the creation of Adam. But If God is  above creation, why then He discussed with the ‘Chiefs on high’ – the angels?

This is another factor to note on the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam.

But why?

In 59:23

we come to know of God as

‘He is God; there is no other god beside Him. The King, the Holy, the Peace, the Faithful, the Supreme, the Noble, the Powerful, the Dignified. Gog be glorified; far above what they set up.’


‘Then High above all is God, the King, the True.’

If God is above creation, why was there a need to discuss with the angels regarding the creation of Adam? No one knows except God.

Knowledge of God

God is the Most High. He is the highest existence. However, His Existence is unlike our existence. All created beings rely on God for existence. Likewise, the knowledge of God.

To complete a task you need some basic knowledge of what you’re supposed to do. To construct a chair, you need basic skills of carpentry and painting. A carpenter is the teacher. But who taught the carpenter?

In the end the chain goes to one entity – Adam himself. And God taught him the nature of all things.

God has taught the angels too! This is another factor to note on the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam.

‘And He taught Adam the names of all things.’

The word ‘allama‘ means – to inform, educate, instruct, let know, notify, apprize, drill, indoctrinate, teach, and coach.

God imparted all the knowledge that is needed to mankind. You do not have the right to claim that you did the job. It is God who did the job. Praise be to God. :)

Or do you claim to be smarter than your teacher – God?

God System

You’ll appreciate the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam if you grasp God’s system.

God system is divided into 3 parts : God, His knowledge, His creation. It is a one flow system. A straight path. For any reversal action, the system becomes incomplete or deformed.

God commanded the angels to bow to Adam. All bowed down except Iblees. The knowledge of God is the commandment. In this case to bow down to Adam. The system became incomplete as Iblees refused to act on that knowledge. The objection affected him. This reaction creates an obstacle for Adam and Eve too!

Forbidden tree

Both Adam and Eve approached the Forbidden Tree. The knowledge of God was passed to them- that is not to eat from that Tree. They ate it. As a result, they were denied heaven and brought down to the lower ‘arldi’ or ground – that is the present earth.

3:18  ‘ God bears witness that there is no god except He, as do the angels, and those with knowledge’

It does’nt affect God even if you did’nt bear witness that ‘there is no god but God’. Because God Himself bears witness to His Essence. He is the the King, the Truth. The angels reaction towards the knowledge of the creation of Adam is the keypoint to remember.

They questioned God. This questioning further elevated the position of Adam.

Adam’s position is elevated

God fashioned Adam. He did not say ‘be and it is’. Like how He created other creation like the angels. God is the designer Himself!

‘When I have fashioned him(in due proportion)

God breath His soul to him(Adam) to brought him alive.

and breathed into him of My Spirit,’ further ‘brought down’ the position of the angels. God commanded them to place their foreheads on the ground (as in sujud position in prayer) to Adam.

‘fall ye down in obeisance unto him’ 15:29

Therefore, the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam is a story of how God elevated Adam.

In conclusion, it is a story to show the love of God towards mankind. How He protected mankind. To show how our creation was brought about. How we were raised above the angels.

God is Most Generous

As I was writing this post in the still of the night, I heard some violent lizards noise at my backyard. I saw a violent mating display between a male and female lizards. It was repulsive to see animals of such nature.

God has blessed all His creatures in different ways. He made those creatures experience life because of His Benevolence. He could have stayed alone and avoid creation. But, He chose to bring life from all creatures.

Whether you like it or not, God Wills existence and co-existence. To earn God’s pleasure you’ve got to submit to His Will. Submission means to follow God’ Guidance- The Quran.

Muslim theologians had misinterpreted the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam. They looked for source other than the Al Quran.

Do you understand this misunderstood story on the creation of Adam now? You can share your thoughts in my comments below. I strongly believe that will give more clarity to the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam (the first man) inshallah  :)

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