Why You Need To Overcome Your Rage

Why you need to overcome your rage? Do you want to go heaven? Then suppress your anger.

Anger is an emotion when you feel that something or someone has offended you. When you swallow your anger, you are actually doing good for your body and health. Doctor OZ shows you how to stop anger from destroying your health.

Why you need to overcome your rage? Anger not only destroys you, it also affects other people’s lives.

Why you need to overcome your rage

You have emotions. And you will need to go through your emotions daily. If you are happy then it is alright. But if you’re unhappy the likely reason you point your fingers on “others”.

Recently, I was walking towards the bus interchange. To aboard a bus to return home.  Carrying bags of groceries for my family. As I was reaching the bus entrance, I accidentally cut across a lady who was walking behind me. She was also rushing. She became very annoyed and said ” watch the way you’re going?” I just kept quiet. She shook her head to show her discomfort and moved on.

I felt very unhappy of that incident. But then I remembered

Chapter 3 verse 134 which says that believers are

“… Forgivers

I realized that God is giving me an opportunity to be a believer!

If you are angry with someone forgive and become a believer.

This is why you need to overcome your rage.

To be a good person

Why you need to overcome your rage?

Apart from affecting your body and the people within your circle, suppressing or swallowing your anger is the system given to the believers by God. He knows in His Infinite Wisdom that by being angry will only bring countless ills for mankind.

God’s words are like water to put out a raging fire within you. God says :

God loves the good doers’

If any of the top most popular actresses ( or actors) of Hollywood came to you and say that he or she ‘loves you’ what will be your reaction?

However listen to this. God is saying He loves you if you suppress your anger! He who created everyone and everything in this world, in this universe is saying that He loves you if you suppress your anger.

Don’t you think this is an easy ticket to gain the love of God? If He loves you, do you think He will put you in hell or heaven?

For the sake of Allah, forgive those who made you angry.

Why You Need To Overcome Your Rage

Why you need to overcome your rage?

Do you know you’re angry for futile reasons?

The problem of anger has penetrated in all walks of life. You name it. Be it in business, in your job, in your dealings with your colleagues, in your communication with your staff, in reprimanding your workers, your everyday discussion with your friends.

If you base everything on anger, you will not have peace. If you forgive and walk on earth by the wisdom of the Quran, you will walk on the straight path to heaven.

God will forgive you

Why you need to  overcome your rage?

God defended our creation : read why you have to live by the Quran to get a clear understanding of our creation. 

In Surah Ar-Rahman God says : ‘ out of both of them comes pearls and coral.

Do you know that edible pearl powder creates calmness in you? Chinese monks consume pearl powder to keep their mind calm. So if you’re very angry, mix pearl powder in water and drink it.

 why you need to overcome your rage?

Pearl powder can calm down your temper. This is the cheapest brand I can find in the market. In Unani system pearl is also used to calm down the mind.

By doing this you are factually making God to forgive you!

And He overlooks much-42:30

The key to gain the forgiveness from God is to give up being angry. Anger is an emotion. There is nothing wrong to be angry but in that moment to forgive, God forgives you too!

As for those who reverence their Lord, they will have estates with rivers flowing beneath them; abiding therein as a dwelling

An uncomfortable situation that made you angry is due to your own faults. Amd also if next time someone get angry ask him :

Do you know why you need to overcome your rage?

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