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Why Is It Vital To Attain Mutmainnah Stage?

Why is it vital to attain Mutmainnah stage?

In Islam “Nafs” means your “se|f”. In reality, we are obsessed with our self image. However, the very meaning of self image has been eroded. You have forgotten about your soul. Rather you only care taking your outer image.

Personal effectiveness is linked to getting your body fit, wearing good clothes, decorating your outer self. God acknowledges only your“inner self”- your soul. Therefore, your inner self is vital than your outer shell.

Why is it vital to attain Mutmainnah stage

According to Quran, the “self” evolves from a ”lower self” (Ammaara)to” higher self” (Mutmainnah) and it has to satisfy God. He knows your true self. Rather, He sometimes lets you know in what stage you are in through His Creation.

I was living in Johor for 455 days. One day a taxi driver who frequently fetches me to and fro my residence to the bus-interchange asked me,

“Gazzali, do you know who you are?”

I asked him what he meant by that.

He told me that I am not an ordinary person. Rather, I have reached “Mutmainnah” stage. And that I am near to God and all that I wished for will be granted.

I was shocked to hear this from him. He must have been closely observing me.

A brother is your mirror

“How do you know?” I asked him. He said “I know many people who board my taxi. Only you talk about Allah, His Quran and His creation. What is in your heart comes out when you utter. I see the way you approach people in a softer manner. You are humble and only worry about the hereafter. In these times, in a busy world you’re one in a million”

I was really surprised to hear that. Rather, I felt like seeing my true “self” in a mirror.

He continued” even I did not reach what you have reached ( Mutmainnah) despite God blessings to me. I have 4 wives and happy. But, I feel shy that my soul has not evolved to a stage like yours. I am really shy man.”

Furthermore, many people had told me that I am ‘ok’ as a person. But, this information was a real power jolt to my spirit. I felt suddenly I am being recognized. I felt God has been hearing my heart.

Hence, God has taken my consciousness and conversation about Him as a glorification to Him. What a surprise! Indeed a pleasant surprise.

At the age of 16

In addition, my behaviour during my teens was strange. This is the age where most teenagers hang out with their friends. However, I did not like to hang out with anyone. I liked to be alone. I did not know the reason. It could be my shyness.

Rather, I hid in the row of book shelves in the National Library and searching for Islamic books. In those days there are no search engines! You’ve got spend hours to get information. This part of the library was also not a favorite section among readers. It was a deserted corner.

There was nobody there besides me. But, God has found me there doing a good deed. That is seeking the truth. I was searching for Him who created me. I read every book in Islam.

I am very sure that God has taken this act as piety. I was doing it conscientiously. Honestly seeking God. Did I find Him?

Abu Bakar continues

As I was pondering over his remark about me Abu Bakar continued.

“ Since you are in the stage of Mutmainnah, you have to be careful what you ask or wish for from Allah. If anyone offended you, forgive them. Your anger towards them can bring Allah’s displeasure towards them”

I thought to myself, “Wow this is like superhero stuff!” :)

Abu Bakar said, “My friend, continue with your remembrance of God and try to reach the next stage – from “Mutmainnah” to “Raadiah” and “Mardia”. And remember from here on you will not fall back and God will pull you to His side”

I replied, “But Bakar, it is not up to me as this placement is up to God only and I have no part in this. But I feel like I am seeing myself in a mirror. Sometimes I did question as to why I am different from other people: just worry about this world and not blabbering the unseen. I cannot control nor I get an answer until you told me all this. For that I am grateful to God. This is the purpose I was left in Johor alone without my family. That is to meet you. Allah knows best”

Abu Bakar said “yes this is a test for you and for you to know who you really are brother. You are lucky and I am very happy to meet a person like you”. What was your way brother?”

What was my way?

Are there steps to reach the station of “Mutmainnah?”

From chapter 89 verses 27 and 28 we can conclude that the “Mutmainnah” soul is a “reassured” soul. This is the major characteristic in that soul. What is it being reassured with? Who has reassured this?

Obviously, God(by His Words) has reassured this soul. The Quran has reassured this soul.

Sura Yaseen verse 3: Indeed you (Muhammad), are from among the messengers

Sura Yaseen verse 4: On a straight path

All the Prophets of God has reached this station of “Mutmainnah”. They are not ordinary people. They are ever conscious of God and His commandments. They were chosen for this path because they are conscious of God.

Sura Yaseen verse 5: By the Wise Quran

You can reach this stage too: even if you take one of the Guidance from the Scriptures and follow it conscientiously . Confidence in God Laws will make you conscious, and then you become a reassured soul.

It is how a mother would feel good again about her when her own daughter tells her that she is beautiful.

The people in this station may look ordinary to you. But their hearts are always with God. They yearn for Him alone. This is the highest stage a soul can get. The path they take is the path written from God to mankind.

What is the sign?

Furtermore, people in this stage are attached with an angel. This angel will bring this people closer to God. They inspire them good things and able to know the true meaning of life. They know when to stay in a place and when to leave. They know how to lead their life in order to get the pleasure of God.

In addition, they walk for the pleasure of God and not for the people to see. They pray for the pleasure of God. They eat for the pleasure of God. They love God. The will say they love God more than anything else. This is because they know that God is the only Truth.

What follows next?

Like a river will surely reach the sea. The soul which is in Mutmainnah will reach the next stage as said in the Al Quran.

89:28 Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing to Him

89:29 And enter among my servants

The next stage of “Mutmainnah” is “raadia” and “mardia”. Ultimately, It has no choice but to reach the ocean of righteous servants in heaven. It is like a giant magnet pulling all the metals to its side.

In conclusion, of your’e Conscious of God and His Commandment you will reach to a higher station of the soul. Like a cloud will fall as rain on the other side. Now do you understand why is it vital to attain mutmainnah stage? :)