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Why Do You Need To Glorify God

Glorify GodWhy do you need to glorify God?

Neuropsychologist will explain to you that human brain is much a better developed membrane. It has a capacity to imagine things. It has to explain a phenomenon in order to comprehend and relate to it and has developed an understanding of causality.

Why do you need to glorify God

What happens if you are alone caught in the rain forest of South Africa? You have neither education nor any knowledge of anything. At night the overshadowed forest is very dark with strange sounds you will be hearing for the first time. You will shiver as it is so cold. Suddenly, there are flashes of strong light and thundery noise in the sky.

You will think that the light is the help of a supreme being in the sky lighting up the forest as you fear the darkness. So the ‘phenomenon’ darkness you will take it as ‘evil’ and the awesome flashes of light as ‘divine’- which is good- God.


When day breaks, you will be much happier. To make this natural light to pervade throughout the day you make some ‘giving’ to the ‘god’ of light’ – Sun God.

You need to glorify God!

You pluck some plants (that is what you have been eating) and raise your hands up towards the sky to give to the light god in the sky.

However, when the sun sets you begin to fear again.  And suddenly flashes of light lit up some branches and there was fire. You touched it and it was hot and warm. You found out that by piling up more branches and twigs onto this fire, it makes it bigger and never dies off. God is here. So Glorify God!

This is fire god and you glorify it by plucking more twigs and kindle it forever. No one has taught you that. Your mind has created its own giving back system to god. This is how you glorify god.

This automatic response of gratitude towards a ‘higher’ being of giving back can boost our happiness.

Factually you are servant of God

The natural relationship between you and God is that you are a servant of God. God says in 51:56 that:

I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me

The next question is logically, how to serve God? Whatever God commanded you to carry out according to the Scriptures you are bound to do.

As long you live your life by the Quraan it means you are a servant of God.

Prior to any creation, God was the only Entity. In the absence of other created beings God is the only Reality.

Just imagine everything in the universe dies including the universe. What remains is God. However, many do not believe that there is life after this life. You only believe when you see. Not so true.

Do you think you will become nothing when we die? Is it going to be a total blackout of yourself and your consciousness when you die? Will you enter into the darkness of oblivion?

If you believe there is a God you will not think in that way. God gives you a hope of your continuity. Don’t you want your continuity and experience the higher form of living? – The next eternal and effortless life. A life that is going to give you immense pleasure and satisfy you whatever you desire or wish for in your heart.

Angels glorify God

In my earlier post on the misunderstanding story on the creation of Adam, you will see how the angels substantiated their purposeful existence when God informed them that Adam will be the next creation taking over the position of Khalifa.

Why do you think they throw this card (while we praise by Your glory, and exalt to You) to substantiate that they do are doing a “better job” than we will?

In the hierarchy of created things, angels are in a top most position. If they are glorifying God continuously, why shouldn’t you glorify God?

Muhammad was asked to Glorify God

In verse 30 : 17 and 18 Prophet Muhammad was instructed to glorify God in a specific time of the day.

30:17 “So glory be to God, when you retire and when you wake”

30:18 “..and in the evening ”

You may be doing your salat (prayer) five times a day. However, if you carry out this without being conscious of God what can be the use?

Look around. Look at the sky when you retire at night. Look at the sky when you go out in the evening. Look towards the sky before dawn and see the splendour of creation.

What is the point of carry around a counter or ‘tasbih’ and repeat like a parrot without any consciousness of God in your heart?

If you feel that the created stars really amaze you, say [subuhallah and Alhamdolillah]. In this moment of glorifying God with awe and sincerity, even if you said it once, God listens and accepts your praise.

If God listens to your glorification about God, you become his beloved.

To get close to God, you need to glorify God.