How Do You Bribe God To Avoid Hell

God is not a person. Then how do you bribe God to avoid Hell?

All religions teach you some kind of self atonement, redress or amendment to appease God for forgiveness. However, behind all these acts there is a basic reason. This enables you to avoid hell after you die.

In Hindu religion, foyer decoration is part of its culture. Traditionally, hindus draw using rice flour (mixed with sugar) at the foyer of a house. This is to attract the ants to have a meal. This also brings in birds and other small creatures to eat it. This becomes a daily tribute for a harmonious co-existence.

In Chinese culture there is a period in a year to appease the Hungry Ghost. Food offerings can be seen under a tree or on a pathway. In fact, such offerings are delicacies for the birds , cats and other smaller animals.

Rituals – a bribe to God to avoid hell

In Islam there are so many rituals which sync you to gain paradise. One is the Mawlid Nabi. It is the observance of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. It is a day of poems in praise of the Prophet. It usually ends with a feast of delicious food served to those who are present. Though this form of ritual is not directly stated in the Quran, however such practice helps a muslim to sync his attachment with God.

Then there are those who visit graves of the pious.

 The Quraan Way to avoid hell

You can bribe God to avoid hell. God says will ask you about your blessings on that Day. God gives you and questioned you regarding this?

God will question you regarding the blessings you obtained unless you give your charity.

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No one should get their wealth through mutual rivalry. And the process must not divert you from giving others. God will question you regarding those blessings that is not given out as charity.Hence, as soon you die in that state, you will see the prelude  of the Hell fire in your grave.

In conclusion, hoarding is disliked by God. Do not become a rival in the pursuit of getting the blessing of God. Give out your due payable to others.

Therefore, this is how you bribe God to avoid Hell.

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