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Being Happy

Being happy is the final emotion you want in everything you do.

Be it your current goals. Your family. Your friends. Your job. Your any current activity you are doing. It all comes down to one thing. Therefore, your action is to activate one emotion: that is happiness.

Rather, if that emotion is blocked, you tend to find fault with your environment. You try to blame people.

But you fail to blame your self.

Being happy is a direct result of you finding the correct path. Well nothing is more perfect than the path laid out by God. The Straight Path.

You are nothing once. From a mere dirt you came out into this existence. You were not conscious. You became a human being. Is this what you chose to become?

Now you questioned about everything you see. Therefore, you are taking for granted that it will be alright as you pass on.

Do you think you will be non-existent again? What happens if there is an after life? I know It is your choice what you believe in. But how do you know what you believe in is the reality?

To the believers, there is also a danger! if you believe in God you got to follow ¬†God’s commandment. If not to believe is a sin.

The Quran is the final note from God on how to attract this happiness while on this world. Being happy has its foundations.

Being happy

In 20:123 you are assured peace or rest. The word “yasqha” is translated as misery, unhappy, grief, distress and so on.

The context of this statement 20:123 is when Adam being transfered to the lower world that is the earth. This earth you are living now is full of misery unless you follow the guidance given to you by God. That is the Quran.

The choice is yours. Either you wait to pass on and stay non-existent. But, what happens if you open your eyes again and see Judgment?

Listen to your heart. Do you really believe in what you believe. Or is there something in your heart to turn to the truth?

Being happy comes from God. Other pursuits are only transient in nature.

Submit to God.