How Do You Answer A Question Like This

How do you answer a question like this?

  1. Hey! why don’t you earn some extra cash by doing a part-time job?
  2. Why don’t you work extra hours for more pay?
  3. Is you income enough?

Do you answer a question like this (like the above questions)

  1. Yes man!I will like to earn extra by doing a part-time job
  2. Yes I will like to because I am living on paycheck to paycheck
  3. Not enough

Rather, your answer can affect your faith in God because He is the real Provider!

Furthermore, Your answer reflects your station of your faith. As your answer comes from your faith. Your faith comes from your heart. If it is good, your faith is good. Finally, your soul influence all.

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You say that you belief in Allah and His Judgment Day. Your faith connects you and your belief. Therefore, you have to have a firmness in belief.

Hence, If you want to answer a question like this, remember these tips:

  1. Allah is ever watchful of what you say, think and intent. So be wary of what you say;
  2. Your answer brings you closer to Allah;
  3. Wrong answer brings you away from Allah.

Rather, how do you answer a question like this?

Try this answer :

  1. I know you have much concern about my income. But, Allah is the Most Merciful. Allah knows each of us needs. Allah knows how much to give each of us. If I happen to earn extra and If my involvement allows me to neglect my time with my Lord, I find that is not so pleasing to Allah;
  2. And you know Allah says that the hereafter is better than this life. Therefore, if I spent my time for this world I will only get this world. Not the next.
  3. This world is temporary which includes money and fame.
  4. The next world is eternal. Heaven is what I want.
  5. Therefore, Allah is sufficient for me and for you.

Do you have your answer for the question like this? Write in the comments below. :)

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