Why Do You Prostrate To Allah

ProstrateThere are about 80 mosques in Singapore. You are fortunate if you have one nearby. I am one of them.

The Mosque is  just a stone’s throw away. Its very convenient for me to join in the congregation prayer- especially the pre-dawn prayer.

One day I performed a two-cycle of morning prayer to three. The Imam added a third cycle to it.

I thought the ‘Imam'( the person who leads the prayer) had made a mistake. After the prayer, I asked one of the worshipper for an explaination- why the third cycle was performed by the Imam?

He was too in the dark. ☺

Rather, I got an explanation from one. The ‘Imam’ recited Sura Sajda during the prayer and when he reached this specific verse he followed the word of Allah.

The only people who believe in Our revelations are those whom when they are reminded by them, they fall prostrating, and they glorify the praise of their Lord, and they are not arrogant.32:15

Why do you prostrate to Allah

The Angels prostrated Adam when Allah commanded them to do so.

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Basically, the Quran consists of the Commandments of Allah. Therefore, If you are reminded by the verses of Quran it is coming directly from Allah. Therefore, do your prostration.

The origin of prostration is a result of following the guidelines from the Scriptures from Allah; that is ” they fall prostrating” after they (you) are reminded by the revelations.

Hence, If you carry out this act you are the only one who believe!

Why do you prostrate to Allah

Prostration is practised in all major religions. It is deemed as an act of worship.

The act of prostration is taught to angels. That is why they all bowed down to Adam. They knew what is prostration. The angels adore the word of Allah. By Allah’s command they prostrated.

The prayer you perform has become a ritual. You just prostrate physically. You are not feeling a strong sense reverence to the word of Allah before you prostrate.

A true sense of prostration comes from a feeling of respect for the word of Allah. It is a posture of gratefulness to Allah who has just revealed the truth of your existence. Don’t you want to thank Allah?

And do not prostrate like a robot.

Prostrate with a sense of thankfulness, giving honor, fear for the Judgment Day, remembering the angels who prostrated our father, hope for paradise and eternal happy next life.

Why do you prostrate to Allah

Prostration is an useful act. A short cut to getting near to Allah. The only requirement is it has to be carried out with consciousness of the hereafter.

It makes you a believer. It makes you a humble person. Prostrate correctly. Put your mind towards the meaning what is reminded from the final Scripture of Allah- the Quran.

If you do it in a robotic manner you are going to lose out.

22:37 Neither their meat nor their blood reaches God, but what reaches Him is the righteousness from you. 

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