Spice Up Your Life By Quran

Spice up Spice up

Laughter is the best medicine. Not so true. Robin William a comedian died as a depressed person.

Being happy is not the result of your profession, your background, your money, your fame, your big house, your expensive stocks, your most cherished cars, your friends and your family.

Those things can give you immediate gratificaton. Rather people who got everything in life hit the skids.

Better spice up your life!


Who is a spiritual person?

A body without this life sustainer ( spirit) is a dead body. To be spiritual it means you see oneness in mankind. You and I maybe divided by body but not in spirit.

God has blown His Spirit to Adam. God taught Adam the nature of things. God taught Adam how to analyse. And we too have this spirit of God in us.

If you use the head or heart you cannot be able to understand Quran’s intent. You have to use the spirit in you. Therefore, the more you think about God is the sign you are using your spirit. So spice up!

Thetefore, living a life by Quran makes you a spiritual person. To do this you need patience.


The tools set out in the Quran are for you to use. Because this world is not for us. It is your test ground.

You just pick up one of the tools. Follow it for the sake of God. You can reach heaven smoothly.

Those who say  “Rabbanalaahu” – stand straight and be steadfast the angels will come down upon them. 41:30

They will suggest to this people

“Fear ye not!” (they suggest), “Nor grieve! but receive the Glad Tidings of the Garden (of Bliss), the which ye were promised!

Hence, to be straight and steadfast you need patience. To have consistency in your patience you need inspiration. So spice up!


Inspiration comes from revelation. The spirit energy overtakes the heart and mind just by knowing the message from God.

History records show that the Quranic verses inspired Umar Bin Khattab (Radiallaahu Anhu). Subsequently, he accepted Islam.

Have you seen a lawn where rivers flow beneath it. If you put your feet on it how soothing it will be! Read: Why do you prostrate to Allah

Therefore, read the Quran and get inspiration So spice up!


Are you ready to become non-existent?

Those who say no, love life. And those who say yes also love life. Those who want to say yes, are blowing up the balloon of negativity. They want something different than what they are experiencing right now.

Finally, everyone wants to be happy. So continuity of life is a postive approach. The Quran assures you eternal happiness in the next life.

Therefore, read in the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Mercuful.


Expectation is part of your nature. You are born with it. There is a problem.

You can’t reach every expectations unless you have determination. If the expectations are not met, you can become upset. This is the world.

Rather, any expectations in the next life is guaranteed!


“In it you will have anything your soul desires, and in it you will have anything you ask for”

Spice Up

Spice up your life by Quran.

Finally, how spice improve your food Quran improves your life in this world and life to come.

In conclusion, your spirit overtakes you if you cultivate patience. Inspiration helps you to fuel patience. Your continuity progress to a newer life in heaven and you will meet all your expectations!

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