Why Scientists link the Origin of Man to Ape

Origin of man Origin of man

Why Scientists are linking the Origin of Man to ape?

They have discovered a chute-like chamber deep on the grounds of South Africa recently. Therein they have found bones very similar to modern man.

Why Scientists have to link the Origin of Man to ape?

Caught in a theory

The third century Roman writer Censorinus, wrote that Anaximander of Miletus( Iona in modern Turkey) proposed that man came from embryos in fish. Men and women came out after these animals burst open.

Furthermore In 1859, Charles Darwin had promoted the origin of Species. A broad consensus was developed in which natural selection was the basic mechanism of evolution.

In addition, Scientists have also promoted another theory that ‘gods’ genes are mixed with ‘homo erectus’ to create ‘homo sapiens’ : modern man. This explains the short duration gap between homo erectus and modern man. The transformed human being not just adapted to its environment but able to apply its mind to master it.

Scientists have been caught in a theory. They have to remove God from this puzzle: origin of man.

Do you know why?

Economic value

Rather, the Scripture shows that the first man was Adam. Scientists have manipulated this information as they wanted to create a value to you.

Moreover, the Scientists have claimed to know the truth. And if you fall for this information, you have got to pay an economic value to them.

Therefore, books, magazines and other media provide an alternative source of information and income. A business out of religion.

Rather, the study of morphology creates jobs for many young scientists. Hence, Science has become an expensive alternative for religion.

Thus, the slogan of Scientist: I show you the way. You just got to pay.

Laid back attitude of believers

Huffington post suggest Adam and Eve were a pair of couples out of thousands who broke away from a common ancestor: pair of apes!

Rather, Muslim scientists must do some research to oppose such ideology: explaining the origin of man according to Quran.

If God defended your father Adam, why can’t you be grateful to God by defending His Guidance- the Quran?

Origin of Man

According to Quran, God created Adam( read the misunderstood story on the creation of Adam). Adam was the first man.

The Quran has stated how Adam was created on a higher plane. He was also given a management post there. As the angels opposed(because of their misunderstanding), God further elevated the station of Adam. God commanded the angels to prostrate Adam.

After Adam and Eve had trangressed by approaching the tree in the garden, they were brought down to planet earth. Finally, their progeny (you and I) have to live on earth and to face Judgement Day finally.

In this world, you need to pick the tools taught in the Quran. Those tools will make you a qualified servant of God. You will then be allowed to re-enter Heaven smoothly.

The fossils found in a chute-like underground cave in Malapa Johannesburg was a tedious find. Sixty skinny, young scientists applied for the job. Six most qualified women scientists became the “underground astronauts”.

For now no one knows how old those bones are. They were just lying on the cave floor, buried in mixed sediments. Fossils can be accurately dated if they are found above or below layers of volcanic ash. The age can be measured from the clock-like decay of radioactive elements in the ash.

In conclusion, God created Man in Heaven to dwell there. Because of some form of politics Adam and Eve was transfered to planet earth for a time. Here you and I have to follow His Guidance to re-enter heaven- A place where everything is free.

But the diggings will go on for now. :)

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