What you ask is what you get


What you ask is what you get. Not so true?

You maybe right. And when you have reached a point where you find God is not responding to you, you give up.

Factually, the problem is with you. Not with God. I will teach you some skills on how to make God to respond to your calls instantly.

Follow God Commandments

The Quran is the message of God to mankind. For you to understand your origin. A chance to proof your worth to enter heaven.

The chance is here. Only here. In this world you face many challenges. But to ride over them you ask God for help.

But one condition you have to fulfill before you ask God. You have to respond what God is asking you.

God is asking you to follow the Wise Quran. If you don’t listen to God then God doesn’t listen to you.

This is the first step you must do before you can ask anything from God.

Ask Conscientiously

You blabber some quranic versus and expect God to listen to you. It is good to use quranic recommended asking to attract goodness in your life.

But do you know what you’re asking?

It is good to memorise some asking recommended in the Quran. But, learn what is the general meaning of it.

In this way, when you hear what you say, you will be conscious of what you’re asking. And God sees your heart.

Ask After Every Prayer

To meet an important person you have to make an appointment. There is a dress code to comply. You got to be well groomed and clean. Then you cannot meet in any of part of the office. It has to be the conference room for privacy and so on.

It is the arrangement that counts before a meetup. Likewise ask immediately after every prayer.

Raise both your hands

I am sure you are raising both hands when you asking.

Physiology determines your inner self. A person who puts his hand against the cheek during a meeting reflects his disinterest. A person who sit straight gives him confidence.

When you raise your hands to ask puts you in a humble position towards God.

When your are humble, God answers you!

Stay Cool

After you have asked, ask again and again.

And work towards your objective. After you have asked inspect your heart. Is the aspiration still there?  Is your desire doubles after your asking? It means God has accepted and puts more ideas in your heart to pursue with it.

Most of the time the devil whisper you to aspire something. This aspiration will fade off after you brought this agenda to God by asking. God is Light and takes you from darkness to light.

What you ask is what you get.

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