7 Koranic Ways To Get Luckier

7 ways to get luckier7 koranic ways to get luckier are very effective tools. This system changes your life for the better: your wish to will come true; your dreams and aspirations will be fullfilled. Finally, you’ll be luckier.

The 7 koranic ways to get luckier will open your destiny. This system will resolve your problems: you’ll find satisfaction in your job; harmony in your married life; peace in your social life. Therefore,  Being happy is the end result of following this system. In other words, you will live a joyful life.

Money isn’t the panacea for all problems. If not the rich will be the happiest people on earth! Peace happens when you remember God, when you follow His guidance.

Your worry will be removed. Even if it is as big as a mountain, it will blown away like a fluffy cotton wool!

“And the mountains will be like carded wools” 101:5

The 7 koranic ways to get luckier is practised in the order as mentioned in this post. The exercises are arranged organically.

If you want to get luckier, firstly, send blessings upon Prophet ﷺ.

1.Send blessings Upon Prophet

In my earlier post on how to be lucky in your life, I have  introduced about the sending of blessings upon Prophet ﷺ briefly.

Sending blessing upon the Prophet ﷺ is a ‘spiritual’ food. Like how milk gives energy, the blessings sent upon Prophet ﷺ gives you the motivation to carry out rest of the tips below. But, the first step is always sluggish.

Steps for sending blessing upon Prophet

Its going to be a dull process in the begining. Repeating( the blessings upon Prophet) like a parrot. But, as you do it frequently, It becomes less boring. Create a habit of sending at least 10 blessings after your daily obligatory prayers.

Secondly, there are many ways of sending blessings upon Prophetﷺ. Don’t get confuse over them. Choose the one that you prefer. Pick up a simple one- the one quick to recite. :

Allah humma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa’ala aalihi wasahabihi wasallam

Thirdly, you have to overcome the number of blessings that you want to send upon Prophetﷺ. Scholars had shown that you need to cover 40,000 before you reach the age of forty. Do not be discouraged If you’re over 40 years of age. Just do as much as you can per day.

Fourthly, According to Quran  (وَسَلِّمُوا تَسْلِيمًا )the blessings upon Prophetﷺ has to be wholesome. It means complete.

Let say someone sends you a gift. The sender mentions that this is a gift for you and your family. How will you feel? The Prophet’s life showed mainly his family and companions. Therefore, in your prayer for Prophetﷺ you should include his family and companions.

Finally, ask God, The Most Pure and The Most Holy, to shower blessings upon Prophetﷺ. You and I are not in the position to bless anyone. We cannot say ” I bless Muhammad”. Say “O God bless Muhammad”.

2.Payback your debts to get luckier

As you go higher up you will see things clearer. The Koran is like a placard. It has some specific message to attract you. You can discover something interesting as you read it intently!😊.

Lifestyle has changed. From a Thomas Jefferson’s ” never spend your money before you have it” lifestyle- to a “never leave home without it (a credit card)” one. In today’s world the credit system is able to leverage you to get the things you want.

Koran’s intent is to bring mankind back to  his original abode- that is heaven.  Until then God proposes to care take each other. He knows that the pain of a debt is like the pain in an eye. The creditor inflicts this pain in the process of getting his money back. Therefore, God introduces charity.

” Indeed, the charities are for the poor, and the needy, and those who work to collect them, and those whose hearts have been united, and to free the slaves, and those in debt, and in the cause of God, and the wayfarer. A duty from God, and God is Knowledgeable, Wise” 9:60

Therefore, a debtor is also lawful receiver of a charity. But, what is the merit for the giver?  He prospers if he gives for the sake of God. The giver gets 700 times more of what he gives.

The example of those who spend their money in the cause of God is like a seed that sprouts forth seven pods, in each pod there is one hundred seeds; and God multiplies for whoever He chooses, and God is Encompassing, Knowledgeable. 2:261

How God Multiplies?

The phrase “and God multiplies for whoever He chooses” shouldn’t be misinterpreted that God favors someone else by His Will. God wants you to decide in which position you want to be: taker or a giver?

To be a giver you’ve got to clear all your debts first! Hence, you have to payback your debts to get luckier!.

As long you service your debt you are not considered as a person in debt. Those who can’t pay but obligated to do so are ” those in debt“. Therefore, clear your debts and start to donate.

3.Donate to the Orphans to get luckier

God places a special attention on orphans.

Prophetﷺ became an orphan at the age of six when his father Abdullah passed away. God reminded the messenger in this verse :

Did he not find you an orphan and He sheltered you? – 93:6

And God commands not to mistreat the orphans.

As for the orphan, you shall not make him sad- 93:9

And when you do not help the orphans it is a sign that you deny your religion.

And they withhold (simple)assistance-107:7

Therefore, donate the due to the orphans. God will be merciful to you. He will put you in the category of a giver. God will enrich you 700 times the amount you give. Because God gives utmost care to an orphan.

4.Be consistent

The heart is easily deviated from the straight path. So you’ve got to keep it on track.

Once you’ve decided to donate, stay on this line consistently. You can make an arrangement with the orphanage to deduct your due by electronic means.

Donate to Dharul Ihsan. Download the general interbank recurring order or GIRO. Choose an amount to be deducted automatically. By this arrangement you will be consistent in your donation. Find an orphanage near you and start to donate.

It is important that you seek God’s help- to make your donations to be consistent. After the first successful deduction say this prayer:

” Our Lord, do not make our hearts deviate after you have guided us, and grant us from You a mercy. Indeed, You are the Grantor” 3:8

Therefore, to be consistent in your donation is important because God will see consistency in a good deed.

5.Donate to strangers

The following group of people are the lawful  recepients of a charity:

1. Needy

2. Poor

3. Orphan

4. Traveller

In 2:215 two other categories are included:

5. Parent

6. Kin

5 and 6 are accomodated easily. These groups are your closest relations. 1 to 4 are the most difficult groups to target. They are your strangers.

But, if you donate to 1 to 4, the chances of getting luckier will be quicker.

In 49:13 God says ” O people, We created you from a male and female, and We made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another”.

Therefore, donate to strangers.

6.Look for opportunity to donate

Not all food that you consume is absorbed by the body. The excess is eliminated as waste. It is a natural relief.

Like wise excess of what you receive from God must be given to those in need.

” And they ask how much they are to give, say: ” the excess” 2:219

Strive to find an opportunity to donate. This will help in to get luckier.What you give to others( for the sake of God) will shower you with luck.

In 2:280 God shows you how to turn a disadvantage to an advantage. If someone owes you a debt and find it difficult to payback- give him time frame to do so. And if he really is unable give this up as a donation.

” if he (debtor) is in clear difficulty facilitate him. And if you relinguish it as a charity it is better for you if only you knew” 2:280

Therefore, look for every opportunity to give donation to get luckier.

7.Donate the right amount

The right amount must be given as donation. The right amount is 20% of your profit. If your monthly income is $10,000/- to get your profit is to deduct all fixed expenses, debt servicing amount, your due to your family etc to arrive at your excess(profit). 20% of this excess is given charity.

Read how much to give charity?

” Do ye make the giving of drink of a pilgrim’s, or the maintenance of the Sacred Mosque, equal to ( the pious service of) those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and strive with might and main in the cause of Allah? They are not comparable in the sight of Allah: and Allah guides not those who do wrong. 9:19

Most of all, follow what God commands you to carry out. If you listen to other source other than God its going to be a futile endevour.

In conclusion, start doing these simple steps to get luckier. Send your blessings upon the Prophet on a daily basis.I use this 33-bead counter (tasbih) to send blessings upon Prophet.This is a very handy counter. You can hold it by one hand. Its tiny beads are arranged so closely which is easily managed by your thumb.

Deal with your own debts. Become a giver. Be consistent in giving. Donate to orphans. Donate to strangers. Look for opprtunity to donate. And give the right amount of 20 out of 100 to get luckier. 😊

Word of caution! There are so many scammers out there waiting to take away your hard earned money! Donate to the “real” needy.

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