To blog or not to blog

To blog or not to blog: this thinking arose as online information earns a bad name. Recently, Google and Facebook are frown upon as they accommodate platforms for fake news. This is a result of the recent election in the United States of America.

To blog or not to blog






Fake news somehow contributed to President-elect Donald Trump win. For example, statements that Pope Francis had endorsed Mr Trump’s candidature could influence certain voters.

In conclusion, Mr Barack Obama has argued that phoney news spread on social media platforms are a threat to democracy. There may be half truth in this statement as there are other factors influencing voters. Rather, this has set a pathway of how online platform news portray in the blog-sphere.

Of course, this will affect the social media platform organically: be it a blog, Facebook page or twitter. In particular, all bloggers have various reasons to blog. But, the stage to start and stay with a blog will have a common ground. To blog or not to blog is a question every blogger need to ask.

Consider the following guide for a good blog. Follow through the discussion thoughtfully before you even start a blog. Blogging is entering a new phase. You can’t simply start a blog just because you like to write. Or just because you want to improve your writing. Or just need to make some money. Those reasons are not going to sustain your blog.

Therefore, use the skills below to make your blog special. An indispensable blog will earn a good name. It will add as another reliable unit to the blog sphere.


I began to blog as I was curious. I was astonished how a hyper text markup language (html) can be written to do webpage of your design. Html is easy to learn. In addition, with free blogger you can start a blog so easily.

I’ve been learning since 2004 as a blogger. I use Hostgator to plug into my wordpress. And then you just add contents. No you just don’t add contents. You need to add contents with care.


A careless content is not based on facts. My post ‘Is Time Travel possible‘ is a very good example of contents with care. I brought the principle of bending cosmic plane by gravitation of a neutron star. This corresponds to the procedure written in the Koran.

Therefore, by using latest observation I am able to convince how God may have brought up the Prophet for a meetup. As a result, I have shown Muslims and non Muslims alike how Koranic principles can be used to understand scientific reasoning.

Content is king. But contents are written with utmost care. Otherwise, your blog will be acknowledged as mediocre or phoney.


I started to blog as I want to express my thoughts and opinions. I have so many opinions about everything. What do I want to express?

I have to find out what is my usual topic about. What I’m interested in. I have many interest. My most rated interest is my Koran. I wanted to understand it more clearly. As I progress to open a blog I began to understand it in a very unique way. That is only possible if you’re a truth seeker.

To blog or not to blog

You have chosen a topic to blog. But, you need to narrow it down to one aspect of the topic. You got to be specific for pulling a certain group of traffic.

Use keywords search for a specific niche. Use google trends. Use keywords that are not competitive and not low in searches.To blog

For this post I use ‘to blog’ as my focus keyword. It has a reasonable traffic. But to choose the high search keyword ‘blog’ is risky. My post will not show in searches.To blog









I’m an egoistic person. I want my voice to be heard. Human communication is a two way medium. So if you’re in a group you’ve to suggest your point of view. Likewise, other point of view is equally important.

God gives you two pair of ears: so listening more is better than voicing out. It can be a reason to blog. But, it can be a reason not to blog if you’re egoistic.


In blog sphere the antidote for egoism is to link other blog post to substantiate what you write.

Are bloggers  the most self centred creatures in the world? If you want to blog, break this ego and use linking.

Even God uses the word ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ in the Koran. This is to come down to your level so that you’ll listen.


God is a Creator. God created the angels, man, animals, nature and everything that we know. He loves to create. He loves co-existence. Geology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy and all sciences are there for one basic reason: man marvels Creation.

Therefore, as I’m here will want people to admire me. I want them to think and say something good about me. I want others to know that I’m existing.

I want a landmark about me. A blog is a digital landmark for my existence. Why not blog!

Let your blog live

Worldometers count the current number of blogs( over a million). A blog is like a cell in your body. It has to function properly. Only then the body stays healthy.

The oneness in purpose in blog sphere is to provide timely correct information to audience. This is what google wants from a blog. Therefore, keep on posting a timely, correct information regularly in your blog. This will ensure your digital landmark presence. For it can a part of you.

The oneness in purpose in blog sphere is to provide timely correct information to audience


If you like community work then you can become a blogger.

I still remember my first class report book. The school finds me as a ‘sociable’ personality. But due to my constraint in time, I use my blog to extend my service to the community. Of course my niche is quite narrow. But Koran is God’s work to mankind. So its universal. :)


Silence is golden. However, you need each other. You are not Robinson Crusoe.

In the movie Cast Away, FedEx executive Chuck Noland is en-route to Malaysia. His plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean due to a storm. Chuck washes ashore on a remote island. Chuck learns to survive on the island. He remains there for years with his handmade volley ball friend, Wilson.

This blog teaches you to live your life by Quran. Basically its about human networking and oneness in purpose. So its not a blog on religion. Its about you and me. :)

Make money

This is how bloggers entice me to blog. By putting up my blog and adding some contents I can make some passive money. Its not true!

I use Adsense to monetize my blog. So far I’ve earned a few bucks. I sell e-books. You can get my book on Jinn. And my intention is to sell more e-books. And I feel confident.

sell something new

Competition is good for a consumer. As a blogger you need 2 basic factors to out-beat the competition:

1. sell a monopolistic product( e-book in my case);

2. put up searchable contents;

Why do I have to buy from you If you sell the same product? Therefore, sell something that you have very minimal competition on it. To do this you have to produce original product.

I use Yoast for my Search engine optimisation. And its free.


The legitimate purpose to blog is to make money. Rather, passion is the fuel that drives the engine!

Passion will build an empire. Rather, in the process you need to carve it out to motivate and solve a problem.

Motivate and give solution

Inspire your audience. Allow them to think differently. Make them react on their new thinking. And only then you’ll solve their problem.

A reader coming to your blog is through your keyword or phrase. If your readership bounce rate is high it means 2 things. Either you did not use the right keyword or your content is of no value.

As an illustration, someone is sad. He types the word ‘sad’ In google search. This post pops up : I know you’re sad. Did I give the reader a solution to his problem?

Therefore, motivate and identify a problem and give your solution to at least one reader.

To blog or not to blog

You can be curious. But, provide a content with care. Your blog is your opinion. But, read other point of view and link to them. Your blog is your digital landmark. Rather, make it a lively one. Use your blog to reach others in friendship. You need the other blogger. There is no harm to monetize it. Rather, be original in your product. Move on with your blog with passion and be valuable to that one reader. :)

To blog or not to blog? Read again and again this post carefully.