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Why Allah Expects Your Best Conduct

Why Allah Expects Your Best conductWhy Allah expects your best conduct? Do you know of anyone who is best in conduct? Could it be your mother? Your father? Your friend? Your neighbour?

In Al Quran Allah سبحان الله says that He might give you a test to confirm which of you is the best in conduct 11:7

The statement that precedes it will blow you away! Allah سبحان الله places everything just for you: from a smallest germ to the gigantic universe. In other words, Allah makes a bet that you will be the best in your conduct than anything else.

The phrase أَحْسَنُ عَمَلًا ahsanu AAamalan in 11:7 means the best or good in an action or a deed. Why will Allah سبحان الله wishes to put His biggest bet just for you? His entire creation! Why Allah expects your best conduct?

Why Allah Expects Your Best Conduct

Do you know that the Angels questioned on the decision of Allah in 2:30 of the Al Quran?

” Will You place in it he who would make corruption in it, and spill blood; while we praise by Your glory, and exalt to You?”

By inference, good conduct is an automatic behaviour in that higher plane of existence. Otherwise, the angels would not have highlighted this. Different creations behave differently. The angels were created from light. They consistently praise and glorify Allah سبحان الله.

The angels might have seen the brutal conduct of other creatures. And if a successor were to be created, its behaviour shall be equal or worse off than its predecessor! And the abode for this successor might not necesarily be on “earth”. The succesor is going to dwell in that heavenly plane : heaven!

And We said: ” O Adam, reside you and your mate in the paradise, and eat from it bountifully as you both wish, and do not come near this tree, else you will be of those who have wronged.” 2:35

As a result the angels were taken aback by the decision of Allah سبحان الله. The corruption and brutal conduct of the successor might disrupt the holiness pervading that heavenly abode.

Surely I know what you do not know

But, Allah سبحان الله  replied:

Surely I know what you do not know

Allah سبحان الله does not think like you. He Wills anything and everything. And when He said “ I know” it meant to be only good to that successor. And He knew there was going to be a greater opposition than this for His beloved successor (Adam). It will come from Iblis. Therefore, Allah  سبحان الله gave AL Quran to mankind and expects your good conduct!

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But, in spite of this opposition, Allah سبحان الله created Adam and made him to experience life. And finally, Adam descended to earth with his wife Eve because they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree.

Therefore, Allah سبحان الله intends to show proof that the successor is as holy as the angels. Now do you know why Allah expects your good conduct?

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A Challenge by iblis

Adam and Eve made a mistake by eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. That was the first test. If they had listened and be steadfast in the word of Allah we were all have been created in heaven!

In addition, Iblis had a major share in Adam’s fall. He placed false thinking unto both of them and misguided them.

This episode has rippled throught human history! The basic 9 Laws of Allah are as follows:worship only Allah; be good to parents;do not kill your children for fear of poverty;be honest; do not kill;be just;practice morality;be careful with the monies of orphans;fulfill the oaths made to Allah. 6:151/152

How many of the above 9 laws have you failed so far? How honest have you been in your job? In those 9 hours how efficient were you? Were you carrying out your job correctly? Or were you not putting enough effort? Or were you slipping out from office and using office time to attend to personal matters?


And this is My path, a straight one. ” So follow it, and do not follow the other paths lest they divert you from His path. That is what He has enjoined you to that you may be righteous”

In order to return to the heavenly life, Adam and his progeny ( you and me) have to follow the Regulations stated in the Quran. Iblis is ever playing his role to whisper in order to take you to a wrong direction in your daily affairs!

In a nutshell, Allah expects your best conduct so that He allows you to heaven.

The Prophet abides the teachings in the Quran

Allah سبحان الله had chosen many Prophets to be his messengers. Each one of them has a special place in the sight of Allah سبحان الله.

Prophet Muhammad completely abides to the teachings in the Quran. And he even ask Allah سبحان الله to give him good manners and character. Aisha  رضي الله عنه had mentioned that the character of the Prophet is the Quran. And Prophet used to ask Allah سبحان الله to make his constitution and character good and to save him from bad character and conduct. So much so Allah سبحان الله commended his exemplary conduct in 33:21.

Indeed, in the messenger of Allah a good example has been set

By the Quran of Wisdom 36:2

You are one of the messengers 36:3

Upon a Straight Path 36:4

Therefore, our Prophet attains his good character by following the Quran conscientiously.

Therefore, AL Quran is the final tool for you to pass this test. And Allah سبحان الله has intended goodness for you. And do not be like the people who neglected the Quran when Prophet Muhammad makes a complaint to Allah in the hereafter!

Prophet complains

” O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Qur’an ( neither listened to it, nor acted on its laws and teachings). 25:30

Furthermore, Allah instructs the Prophet to take heed of His advisory:

Allah orders justice and goodness and that you shall help your relatives, and He prohibits immorality and vice and transgression. He instructs you that you may remember. 16:90

This advisory is for you too!

The One who has created death and life, that He may test you, which of you will do better works? He is the Noble, the Forgiving 67:2

Therefore, the regulations in the Quran is for you to follow. It is not exclusive only for the Prophet.

None shall enter paradise except one who has good conduct – Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم

Basically, Allah wants to show proof to the angels that the successor is as good as them in holiness. Allah wants you to return to heaven. And Allah wants to prevent you from falling into a group of people who neglects the Quran.

That is why Allah expects your best conduct. :)