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Is Time Travel Possible

Is time travel possible

Is time travel possible? Many Physicists believe it is. Its always a fascination not only among the Scientists but the idea of time travel is as awesome as observing our stars.

Even Prophet Abraham’s promotion of monothestic God came about from his amazement about the Constellations.


And it is such that We showed Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, so that he will be of those have certainty.

When the night covered him, he saw a planet, and he said:”This is my Lord.”But when it disappeared he said:”I do not like those who disappear.”

So when he saw the moon rising, he said:”This is my Lord.” But when it disappeared he said:”If my Lord does not guide me, then I will be among the wicked people!”

So when he saw the sun rising, he said: “This is my Lord, this is bigger.” But when it disappeared he said: “My people, I am innocent of what you have set up.”

“I shall turn my face to the One who initiated the heavens and the earth, in monotheism, and I am not of the polytheists.”

The impediments to time travel are limited funds and time itself. Both of which are used for some other priorities.

What Is Time

Time is not absolute. Time is not subjective. Time is relative.

A clock placed in orbit runs slowly than the clock on earth. The clock on the tower runs faster than the clock  on the ground. High speed and gravitational force stretch time. They are the same in Relativity.

A fish experience a 2-dimension space. It swims front back and looks left and right. It cannot visualise a 3rd dimension universe where we live. Unless we held the fish up.

If you carry a map to find a location of a building ‘A’ the map is 2-dimensional. The 3rd dimension evolves once you are in the lift moving up in building ‘A’.

Similarly our 4th dimension is actually time. In a 3-dimensional block chart, space(tael)and time(red)are in the y and x axis respectively.

Spacetime block diagram
Spacetime block diagram

(X is the present moment. Arrow indicates direction of timeline)

Therefore, time is interwoven in space (spacetime). Time that has passed is part of our moments of existence. If we can move forward in time we can go back in time too.

Time Travel To The Future

Is time travel to the future possible?

The story of the People of the cave is a good example. A group of pious youths escaped from the persecution of their king for their belief in one God. In the process they took shelter in a cave. There they fall asleep for a short time. But when they woke up they found that they had gone 300 years to the future!

18:11 So We sealed their ears in the cave for many years.

18:18 while they are asleep

18:25 And they remained in their cave for three hundred years, and increased by nine.

A robust gravitational field bubbled the cave. This had made the time in the cave to dilate. Time outside the cave just passed by 309 years!

Time Travel To The Past

Prophet Muhammad (Rasool’Allah ﷺ) night journey was a phenomenon for Physicist to study on how to get to the ambit of the Universe(s) in a very short time!

17:1 Glory be to the One who took His servant by night…so that We may show him of Our signs.

53:7 While he was at the highest horizon.

Prophet Muhammad( Rasool’Allah ﷺ) Night journey took place via these wormholes . The Quran calls them ‘Ma’arej معارج’ and describes how angels use them for long distance travel. A gravitational force of a neutron star forms a wormhole.

53:1 As the star descended

70:3 From God, Possessor of the ascending portals.

70:4 The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day which is equivalent to fifty thousand years.

God’s ‘location’ is above creation. How was it possible to travel such unimaginable distance which took the Prophet only a few hours by night?

If an angel travels from earth to reach God and then to return to earth, time on earth has passed by a 100 years! So Prophet Muhammad (Rasool’Allah ﷺ ) should have return after a century!

A time in another universe

The word ‘yawm’ could not necessarily mean years. It could be in eons! It can be deduced that  Prophet(Rasool’Allah ﷺ ) took the return path(  53:13 And indeed, he saw him in another descent)  through another wormhole which hovered him to a Parallel Universe of his time – a few hours after he left for the journey.

His companions were doubtful of the entire episode.

53:12 Do you doubt him in what he saw?

Evidence of time travel

In another few references, the Quran speaks about the future of a group of ill fated people who will request God to sent them back ( apparently to their past) to amend their ways.

6:27 And if you could see when they are standing over the Fire, they say: “If only we could be sent back, we would not deny the revelations of our Lord, and we would be believers!”

6:28 No, it is merely what they have been concealing that has now become evident to them; and if they were sent back they would return again to what they were prohibited from, they are but liars!

7:53 Or can we be sent back and we will work differently than what we did?” They have lost their souls and what they have invented has abandoned them.

These are people who are from a time where time travel is a common essential part of their lives. Since their  inventions of ” time machines” will be destroyed in the process of Judgement Day, they will seek God’s help to put them back in time inorder to escape Judgement!

Where Do We Start

Imagine a trampoline with a bowling ball in the middle. Like that ball which drastically distorts the trampoline canvas the Sun warps spacetime enough to make planets to move in curve orbits.

The whole galaxy warps spacetime much more. The more massive the body, the more warping. If we can zoom into quantum level we wouldn’t see the smoothe expanse of canvas distorted by moving bodies. But we see quantum foam.

Quantum gravity model predicts that spacetime is a seething region of tiny regions when miniscule new dimensions furl and furl back on themselves. Spontaneously appearing and dissappearing with inconceivable quickness.

These regions blink in and out of existence like the foam in a beer. There is no such thing as empty space. There is only quantum foam every where. Such is the spacetime in quantum physics.

According to Stephen Hawings, this is where tiny wormholes exist : a link to two separate place and two separate time.

Humans too have their own gravitational field like all mass.

Energy equals mass multiplied by speed of light which is multiplied by itself.

Anything that has energy warps space. So if you conserve more energy and focus on capturing the quantum foam thereby enlarging it enough- you can create a wormhole. A gateway to a different space and different time.😎

There is a difference of 5 hours between Singapore and Saudi Arabia. At this point of time the Saudis are in 5 hours back to my time. If you can instantly appear in Saudi Arabia now it means you have gone back 5 hours in time ( Saint Habib Noh of Singapore had this knowledge).