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How to attract more money

I hope this post is an eye opener for you. Do you

More money
More money

accept that you do not have more money because God has already decided so? Or you do not have more money because God did not bless you enough. Or you do not have more money because your time has not arrived.

These are what you have learned to belief. This is what the Islamic teachers are teaching. They did not understand the message from Quran. If God holds the unlimited treasure, why God did not give you all the wealth and money you need?

Is it because you compare yourself with the one who is given more money and wealth?  What is wrong with that thinking if God has unlimited giving ability?

Rather, the problem is that you are not believing in God’s power! Do you know the earth is not even a dust if the universe is scaled to the size of your room? And God does not feel tired of managing it and what it contains!

2:255  And it is easy for Him to preserve them

Therefore, It is easy for God to manage your problem of not having more.

These are the steps to attract more money in your life.


 You need to discard the following false belief:

that the rich is blessed by God;

that to ask God for wealth and money is wrong because God has already decided on how much you should have;

that your time for opportunity is yet to arrive.

and replace it with correct belief:

the rich is a sign that God can also make you rich;

that what you ask is what you get;

that opportunity surrounds you.

Hence, play these new beliefs in your mind everyday until it becomes your habit. And then you ask God.


Asking from God or ” doa” in Arabic is mostly used after each salat or prayer. In my last post, I have given the steps of how to ask God.

Therefore, how to ask is also a factor in successful asking. The key to to ask as specific as possible. In the matter of money state the exact amount you want.

Furthermore, do not ask ” Oh God make my boss to increase my salary to $x dollars”. In this asking you are thinking that the $x dollars to come through a logical manner, that is from your job. Your thought has implied that the money cannot materialise in any other way. Your logic is through your job.

Rather, let the way to be decided by God. You cannot teach God what to do! You just say I want $x dollars.

And do not use “need”. Use the word “want”. In other words, get greedy with God.


In Chapter 17 verse 29 and 30

God is telling Prophet Muhammad 2 matters in giving:

a. Not giving (stingy) 29;

b. Giving much ( spendthrift) 29;

c. God enlarges the the provision of whom He wishes 30.

Rather, read verse 30 in the context of verse 29. Anyone can understand 29. When you give more, you might regret of having less. When you become stingy you might think you get rich by componding more.

It is in human nature to be stingy. That is why God mentions of this behaviour first. And when you give do not regret after you think you have given more.

Imagine God is beside you. And He is giving you so much that you cannot count. What will be your respond during your next giving?

Read how much to give charity according to Quran

Seek Forgiveness

You are human. You’re likely to make mistakes. Prone to forget to follow the Commandments of God.

When your sins accumulate, successful result of asking may be delayed. The only way to circumvent this problem is to ask forgiveness from God.

I had a chance to meet Shaik Kabbani in one occasion. And I asked him a prayer to increase my sustenance. He asked me to recite 21:87 as much as I can.

“There is no god except You! Glory be to You, I was of the wicked!”

You can seek forgiveness in your own language. You can understand what you are uttering. You have to recite with your heart as God sees your heart.

More Money

Attracting money is easy if you use the above steps. I have used BAGS as an acronym for this post. This will make you remember the steps. 🙂